productsWe are excited to present our two main products: the Pomodoro application and the Sleep Harmony application. Whether you need assistance with work or relaxation, we have you covered.
PomodoroSleep Harmony
Pomodoro Application
Pomodoro App with Tranquil Music and Customizable Atmosphere
Enhance focus and reduce stress with tranquil music and customizable landscape backgrounds. Ideal for students, freelancers, and remote workers seeking a serene work environment.
Collaborative Work Environment for Friends and Colleagues
Share the MPeaceful Space with friends and coworkers to join and track productivity together. Foster a supportive and motivated work community.
Track Member Performance by Week, Month, Year
Access ranking features to view member performance over specific time periods. Stay motivated and celebrate progress with the MPeaceful community.
Sleep Harmony Application
Tranquil Sleep App for Peaceful Nights
Enhance your sleep experience with tranquil music and customizable night-themed backgrounds. Reduce stress and improve sleep quality with this self-care app.
Personalized Sleep Journey with Timer Modes
Set different timer modes to customize your sleep experience. Find the perfect rhythm for a restful night's sleep with this versatile app.
Personalized Soundscapes
Customize your sleep experience by combining different sound elements such as rain, ocean waves, white noise, and gentle melodies. Experiment with various combinations to create your ideal soundscape for a good night's sleep.
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